What Kinds of Loans Are Available?

  • apartments
  • mixed use
  • marinas
  • commercial
  •  land, lots
  • industrial
  • mini storage
  • residential
  • warehouses
  • restaurants
  • and more…
  • vacant land
  • agricultural land
  • ranches
  • cannabis properties
  • night clubs

David Kindopp

Independent Real Estate Mortgage Consultant



With 40 years of experience as a Real Estate Broker, I can refer you to many possible sources for funding your project. I’m independent and I work alone so I have no special allegiance to any one lender or source of financing. I specialize in consulting on “private” and “hard money” loans in California and the entire lower 48 states.

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*I do not consult on 1 to 4 owner occupied loans scenarios unless there is a specific business purpose involved and it is on a case-by-case basis.

not acting as a licensee

Problems Solved/Loans Closed

$165,000 new 1st on a rental property

Property being remodeled and the value was not enough to refinance

Barry needed to refinance his rental property. It was in the process of being remodeled and the value was not enough to refinance. Barry was the pastor of a church and the church agreed to use the church property for a loan for him but the church had not paid the property taxes for several years and they could not verify much income. Fortunately, the value was strong so I was able to obtain financing on the church property so Barry could finish his rental property, remodeling, refinance it and pay back the church.

$2,100,000 new 1st on six adult care homes

Borrower did not have documentation the bank wanted

Borrower needed to pay off the existing first loan of $1,400,000 and get funds to complete some repairs. Borrower was an LLC and did not have documentation the bank wanted and a prior employee had embezzled funds. I was able to find private financing so the borrower could finish the project, prove income and prepare to qualify for a conventional loan.

$435,000 new 1st on a commercial property

Multiple issues

Borrower inherited 3 commercial units from her mother, but one tenant had not paid rent for a year during an eviction process and the current loan was in default. Property income was low, and the property need some repairs. Taxes were overdue. I found a private lender to pay off the existing first and stabilize the property while new tenants were installed.

$1,900,000 new 1st on a pear ranch

Forclosure bailout

Multi-generation family ranch in northern California had two bad production years and was in foreclosure and in danger of being lost. Current production was solid, and the value was strong, so I was able to procure a private lender to payoff the loan in foreclosure and save the property.

$225,000 combo loan for fix and flip

Ran out of money

Barbara, was a single woman in the middle of repairing a home to re-sell and ran out of money. The value was weak because the remodel was about halfway completed. Was able to find a private lender to loan funds necessary to complete the project using a draw against progress and two condos owned by the borrower as collateral. Saved her project and he made a profit.

$650,000 bare land zoned commercial near major hwy

Partner buyout

LLC borrower had been developing an 8 acres parcel for several years. The value plummeted yet they had over $1,200,000 invested. The LLC needed to buy out three partners to keep them from causing legal difficulties and continue the zoning process which was nearly complete. Found a private party to fund the loan.

$60,000 small 2nd on a restaurant building

Repairs needed

George need $60,000 to finish some repairs on his operating restaurant. His first loan was favorable terms, so I found him 2nd loan in order to keep the good terms on his 1st.

$360,000 repair and refinance on a mini-storage

Weak income and high expenses

Dean came to me needing to refinance a small mini-storage facility. The income was weak and expenses were high as he was stabilizing he property. With the cosignatory of one of the partners in the LLC I found a private group to fund the loan to pay off the existing first and finish the improvements necessary to rent all the units.

$2,100,000 re-finance on restaurant, marina and mobile home park

Unique – odd property

Unique, kind of funky property on a bay in Northern California needed a loan to pay off the current first and make improvements to increase the income. There were too many “odd” aspects of the property for any conforming or “bank” lender to deal with. I found a private group to make the loan and meet the borrower objectives.

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