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David began his career in the real estate business when he was twenty-one years old, in a modest town in northern California. He purchased his first home and two rental houses when he was twenty-two. He obtained his real estate salespersons license the same year and his real estate brokers license one year later. He soon opened a brokerage business and was the youngest real estate broker-owner in town for many years. He married early in life and has adult professional children – an attorney and a biologist.

Over a period of eight years he built his real estate business into an independent company with fifty-five agents doing business in three counties, garnering a market share of twenty-seven percent. As a result of that activity he was the broker of record in approximately $120,000,000 in property transactions. During that period, he also personally bought and sold numerous properties.

Also, during the time operating the brokerage company, David became a private pilot and used airplanes to travel between offices and help inspect and market ranches and large properties. After a few years of flying he discovered sailing on San Francisco Bay and dedicated time and resources to learning to sail – graduating to sailing 45-foot sloops and ketches on the bay where one can experience, on the water, four seasons in one day.

While visiting Mazatlán, Mexico David became enamored by the city on the beach and decided to bring a sailboat to Mazatlán to get into the charter business. He bought a vintage 50-foot ketch, made it ready for the trip, and sailed the 1,700 nautical miles to Mazatlán, Mexico. Mexico and Mexican “partners” being what they are, during a three-year window, while in Mazatlán, he was not able to get the boat legal and eventually decided to move on.

Returning from Mexico David discovered an emerging real estate market and formed a partnership with two individuals and purchased approximately $2,000,000 in rental properties in Salt Lake City, Utah. During that time, and for several years thereafter, he finished writing a “wild and crazy true-life adventure” book about his three-year exploit in Mazatlán – Mañana Doesn’t Mean Tomorrow. He also wrote a companion book for Mañana (What Would Jimmy Buffett Say, If…., for “Parrotheads”) and he is in the process of publishing a third book, Tales from Mañanaville ~ Anecdotes, Observations and True Stories from Mazatlán Mexico. These books can be seen on his website here.

When the market in Salt Lake City peaked David came back to Northern California where he continued to write and began brokering real estate loans across the state. During that time, he sold a friend a 36-foot sailboat (that he had purchased in San Diego during a trip to California) and they sailed the boat to Northern California. David’s friend eventually sailed the boat to San Carlos Mexico.

In California again, David began to re-establish relationships with brokers and various lenders for private money real estate loans in the state as well as across the entire United States. For several years David arranged private money real property loans until 2013 when he went to live in Mazatlán where he stayed for two years. While in Mazatlán he continued to close loans in the United States using the internet. Except for a recent winter spent in a Hacienda in Mazatlán, where he finished writing his third book, David lives in Northern California where he continues to arrange commercial real estate loans. In his career as a real estate broker, a private money broker and consultant he has participated in over one thousand real estate and loan transactions ranging from $30,000 to $2,500,000. David has bought and sold over sixty different properties as an individual, corporation president, or managing member of an LLC for a total value well over seven million dollars.

David has traveled to Australia, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Mexico, much of the United States and China.

Meet David
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