Elementor #345 Problems $60K

$60,000 small 2nd on a restaurant building

Repairs needed

George need $60,000 to finish some repairs on his operating restaurant. His first loan was favorable terms, so I found him 2nd loan in order to keep the good terms on his 1st.

$360,000 repair and refinance on a mini-storage

Weak income and high expenses

Dean came to me needing to refinance a small mini-storage facility. The income was weak and expenses were high as he was stabilizing he property. With the cosignatory of one of the partners in the LLC I found a private group to fund the loan to pay off the existing first and finish the improvements necessary to rent all the units.

$2,100,000 re-finance on restaurant, marina and mobile home park

Unique - odd property

Unique, kind of funky property on a bay in Northern California needed a loan to pay off the current first and make improvements to increase the income. There were too many “odd” aspects of the property for any conforming or “bank” lender to deal with. I found a private group to make the loan and meet the borrower objectives.

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